From Catastrophe to Claim – Part Three: How does the insurance process work?

In our push to educate you about what we do, we wanted to talk about one of the biggest questions and most often mishandled issues we encounter:

A storm damaged my home…what in the world do I do now?

Storms can cause a lot of confusion and stress, and we want to make the process easier for you! We are publishing a 3-part series called, “From Catastrophe to Claim.” We will walk you through filing an insurance claim, with each post focusing on a different aspect of the process.

Part One: After the Storm

Part Two: Choosing a Good Contractor

How the Storm Damage Insurance Process Works

So, here you are; you’ve gotten hit with storm damage, you’ve gotten assessments, and you’ve chosen a trustworthy contractor.

Now what?

First, you should request that your contractor meets with your adjuster during the home assessment. This way, two sets of eyes can look over the damage and both companies are on the same page about the scope of work that must be done to fix it.

The adjuster will then put together a claim for you. With your approval, your insurance company can send the claim to your contractor. Your contractor can look over the claim, double-checking the prices and the amount of work agreed upon.

If there is a problem with the pricing in the claim, the contractor can work with your adjuster to validate why the price should be changed if any damage was left out.

Once all parties are in agreement about the claim, the homeowner should pay only the deductible .

The only reason you should pay any more than that would be if you added more work to what was covered by insurance. We often have people decide to contract us out for additional projects, since we’re already going to be working on their home.

If you add additional work, you will also need to pay the down payment.

Once you’ve made your first payments, work can begin on your home and you can rest easy knowing you’ve hired a great company to keep your best interests in mind.

If you need an estimate for damage of any kind, please give us a call at 573.442.7292

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