From Catastrophe to Claim – Part One: After the Storm

In our push to educate you about what we do, we wanted to talk about one of the biggest questions and most often mishandled issues we encounter:

A storm damaged my home…what in the world do I do now?

Storms can cause a lot of confusion and stress, and we want to make the process easier for you! We are publishing a 3-part series called, “From Catastrophe to Claim.” We will walk you through filing an insurance claim, with each post focusing on a different aspect of the process.

Part Two: Choosing a Good Contractor

Part Three: How does the insurance process work?

What to Do After Your Home is Damaged by a Storm

Last night, you went to bed like any other night, ignoring the sprinkling rain outside, and this morning you woke up to some horrible looking hail damage to your home. You’re frustrated, you’re stressed and you’ve got to put your life on hold while you figure out what exactly you’re supposed to do, now.

Your knee-jerk reaction may be to call your insurance company. It makes sense considering what you’ve just discovered, but we want you to know that making that call may not be in your best interest .

We recommend your first call is to a trusted contractor —maybe even a couple of them if you want a second opinion. Your contractor needs to come take a look at the damage to your home before you file a claim. That way, you can get a good assessment of exactly how much damage has been done to your home, because…

You don’t want to file a claim for a repair that will cost less than your deductible.

If your contractor decides there is enough damage to warrant an insurance claim, you will then want to contact your insurance company to file the claim.

Your next step will be to officially choose a contractor, which is where we come in.

If you are in need of a good contractor, give us a call at 573.442.7292

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