Custom Outdoor Patios for Homes in Mid-Missouri

Enhance your outdoor living experience with a custom patio designed and built by TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors, the leading patio construction experts in Columbia, MO. Serving homeowners throughout Mid-Missouri, we specialize in creating stunning and functional custom outdoor patios that transform your backyard into an inviting retreat. With a commitment to excellence, accountability, and integrity, we ensure every patio project meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The Benefits of a Paver Patio

Choosing high-quality pavers for your patio construction project means that you can expect:

  • Durability – Paver patios are built to last. Made from high-quality materials, pavers can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions without cracking or shifting. This ensures your patio remains beautiful and functional for years to come.
  • Low maintenance – Paver patios require minimal maintenance. Unlike concrete, which can crack and require repairs, pavers can be easily replaced if damaged. This makes them a cost-effective and hassle-free option for your custom outdoor patio.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Pavers come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to create a truly custom outdoor patio that complements your home’s architecture and landscape. From classic to contemporary styles, the design possibilities are endless.

Custom Outdoor Patio Design

At TrueSon, we understand that every homeowner has a unique vision for their outdoor space. As a full-service design-build contractor, we work closely with you to create a custom outdoor patio that suits your lifestyle and enhances your home's beauty.

Our team of experienced designers and builders will collaborate with you to develop a personalized patio design that reflects your taste and meets your specific needs. Whether you envision a cozy space for family gatherings or an elegant area for entertaining guests, we have the expertise to bring your dream patio to life.

Learn More About Our Patio Construction Process

Ready to elevate your outdoor living space with a custom patio? Contact TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors in Columbia, Missouri, today for a free consultation. Our expert team is here to help you design and build the perfect custom outdoor patio for your home.

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Customer Testimonials

TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors has earned a reputation as the best custom home remodeling company serving Mid-Missouri. See what our customers have to say about us.
"Couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with TrueSon for our re-siding project.  They were always there to make sure the project was going according to plan and were a joy to work with.  We liked our home before, but now we love it and it is all because of TrueSon."

Steve B.

Tampa, FL

"We had most of our windows replaced by TrueSon Exteriors.  They came out and WOW, very nice, very professional, HARD working!  We are so happy with these windows, and what a difference in keeping the summer heat out!  We plan on replacing our siding next and will come back and have TrueSon do this."

Susan Z.

Tampa, FL

"TrueSon was the best group to work with. Our project was completed over a year ago and I am still happy with the outcome today. They were great and easy to communicate with. We had an office, bedroom and addition added on, plus a bathroom remodeled and a new deck put on. Very pleased and I look forward to working with them again."

Megan B.

Tampa, FL

"TrueSon was the right choice for our roof repair work. I was referred to them by a friend and was straight-away impressed by their knowledge base of the industry. I particularly appreciated their attention to detail to all of the small things. The cleanup work was amazing...the crew barely left a trace when all was said/done. Overall, two thumbs up!"

Mark D.

Tampa, FL