Serene in All Seasons

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This home had a screened-in porch that was detached from the living room, and due to its exposure to the outdoors, became a space that was often hot, dusty, and notably dark. This made it an area of their home that was rarely used. They wanted to take their screened-in porch and transform it into a usable space. To make this happen, our team capitalized on the porch's existing footprint, morphing it from an underused exterior space into a functional living area that could double as an office. To bring more natural light into the space, we installed elegant windows, which not only illuminated the space but also provided a scenic view to the outdoors.

By incorporating both heating and cooling solutions, we ensured that this area seamlessly merged with the home's existing environment–making the room comfortable for year-round use. We built and installed custom trim and bookcases to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, and while the necessity for vinyl flooring arose due to its direct access to the outdoors and deck, careful selection meant it harmoniously matched the rest of the home's wood flooring. Now, this is a serene space that the family can enjoy all year long.