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Create New And Inviting Spaces By Adding A Screened In Porch To Your Home

 Published on April 24, 2019

Every homeowner will admit they crave change in their home every once in a while. Change is good when it comes to our living spaces, as it allows us to view and appreciate our home from a different perspective. However, if you have repainted the guest bathroom so many times you forgot what its original color was, put down the paint brush and continue reading. Adding a screened in porch will bring you the change you are looking for as well as provide an inviting space to spend time at home. A perfect balance of indoors and outdoors, this enclosed area protects you from both the weather and insects.

Decisions to Make Before Building Your Screened In Porch

A screened in porch is essentially an extension of your home with a dash of mother nature and the great outdoors. There is no rule book nor limitations on what you are able to create with this new space so you have free range to build something that you will admire and appreciate for a long time.

Best Location for Screened in Porch

Finding the perfect spot to build your screened in porch as equally as challenging as it is exciting. When choosing where you want to place your screened in porch, consider some important factors. First, think about what sort of view you want to have. Do you want to be looking out into your front yard or backyard? Do you want it to be on the lower level or upper level? Natural lighting also plays a crucial role in deciding where you want to place your porch. Do you want to be able to watch the sunrise/sunset? Next, think about access points. Ask yourself if there are existing doors in your home that would allow you to easily enter the place you have decided to put your porch. You want to make sure you are allowing yourself easy accessibility onto your porch while being conscious of the amount of construction that will need to take place. If you wish to put any electrical outlets, fans, TVs, mini-fridges – you name it, think about the existing location of wiring in your home and how it could be continued onto the porch. Finally, consider local zoning requirements . Each city has their own guidelines they enforce and TrueSon can help you ensure you are following these requirements closely.


 Uses for Screened in Porch

When it comes down to it, you want your screened in porch to be a destination, whether it be connecting with nature, a dining area or a family game room, it will serve a certain purpose. Before beginning construction, think of what it is you want to get out of this new space. Finding the answer to this question will determine every other factor that goes into building and designing your screened in porch. Here are some fun ideas we have come up with to use your screened in porch:

  • Outdoor Office: The perfect alternative to a stuffy cubicle. Make this space as cozy as you like so you can create a zen work-space right in your home. Include weather-proof furniture as well as weighted object to ensure nothing gets blown away!
  • Dining Area: Take in the view while enjoying a meal with friends and family. Include hanging plants and other natural elements to add beautiful ambiance.
  • Relaxing Oasis: Comfort is key. Design this space as you would a living room only with weather-proof furniture. To enjoy throughout all of the seasons, include both a ceiling fan as well as a space heater. Don’t forget to stock up on some good books!
  • Craft Room: Give your creative side a space to flourish in an outdoor/indoor setting. Let nature be your muse whether you paint, draw or simply enjoy the view.
  • Outdoor Bar: A screened in porch with an outdoor bar and seating area creates an inviting place for adults to gather. Install a speaker system and leave out some board games to add to the entertainment!

Building your Screened in Porch

Now that you have determined where you want to put your screened in porch as well as how you intend to use it, let’s discuss dimensions. You want the size of your porch to compliment that of the rest of your home. A porch that is too big may overwhelm the structure of your home. Here are some things to consider when choosing dimensions for your porch:

  • How many people do you want to accommodate in this space?
  • How much furniture are you wanting in your screened in porch?
  • Do you want high or low ceilings?
  • Will this space serve more than one purpose?
  • Where do you want your points of entry to be from the outside?
  • Do you need to leave space for a fireplace or another sizable feature?

Once you have answered all of these questions, it is time to move forward with the design process.

Protect Your Screened in Porch with Outdoor Furniture and Materials

Depending on how you decided to use your screened in porch, there are limitless options on how to design your outdoor area. Rather than try to influence your style, we will give you some tips on how to make sure your screened in porch is climate friendly.

First, make sure you are using materials that are compatible with Missouri weather. Missouri is hot and humid during the summers while dry and cold in the winter. This may seem like a challenge to choose furniture that will stand up to such varying weather conditions, however here are a few options for durable wood materials that will stand the test of time: Cedar, redwood, Cypress, White Oak and Teak. Consider buying a screen or curtains for your patio screen that provides UV protection. UV rays are more powerful than most people realize and can cause certain materials to age at a faster rate. Provide further protection buy looking into UV ray blocking outdoor curtains. To keep this space at a comfortable temperature throughout the Missouri seasons, consider installing HVAC units. If these options seem too expensive, consider buying more temporary appliances to control the climate such as space heaters and blankets for the winter months and ceiling fans for the warmer months. Finally, to preserve your furniture, buy protective covers that are insect and weather resistant.


How A Screened in Porch Will Increase Your Home Value

A screened in porch will ultimately increase the appeal of your home. On average, a screened in porch will provide an 84% return on investment . It will add value because it is an addition to your home that is equally versatile as it is unique. A screened in porch creates the perfect balance of an outdoor/indoor space and is inviting to both family and friends alike. If you are interested in building a screened in porch with Trueson Exteriors but want to learn more, visit our website!

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