Winter Roofing and Attic Ventilation in Columbia, Mo

As a Midwest native, you know how much your home’s roof takes a beating throughout the seasons, and winter is no exception! As the weather changes outside, so do conditions inside. Before the severe weather strikes, consider these tips for proper attic ventilation from TrueSon Exteriors, exterior home remodeling in Columbia, Mo!

Why Attic Ventilation is Important – Ways to Use Exterior Home Remodeling in Columbia, Mo This Winter

In the summer, proper attic ventilation helps reduce heat buildup. However, in the winter, warm, moist air seeps into the attic from below. Proper ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping your attic dry and reducing ice dams. So, how do you know if your roof is getting optimal ventilation? Here are a few ways to tell:

Check your eaves and roof.

  • If you don’t have vents on your roof or in the eaves, you’ll need some.

Look for ice dams.

  • Thick ridges of ice, or ‘ice dams’, on your eaves indicate poor ventilation. Warm air escapes from the living spaces and gets trapped in the attic. Then, snow melts and the water refreezes on cold eaves, creating ridges of ice.

Check for water spots and damp areas inside.

  • Warm air can also condense on rafters or roof sheathing, creating water spots. Use a flashlight to check out your attic during the winter. If you see dampness and/or frost, you need to improve your attic ventilation!

If you notice problems in any of these areas, it means you need to create better ventilation. The best way to improve attic ventilation and prevent further roof damage is to get professional expertise! The experts at TrueSon Exteriors have completed numerous successful projects over the last 10 years, and want to help make your home beautiful.

FAQ’s About Roofing and Attic Ventilation Columbia, Mo

Why is attic ventilation important?

  • Attic ventilation provides year-round benefits to help fight heat buildup in the summer, moisture buildup in the winter, and ice dams in the winter. This not only prevents damage, but promotes longevity in your attic’s material structure.

How much ventilation does an attic need?

  • Attic size determines appropriate ventilation. Once the dimensions are calculated, the proper amount of ventilation can be determined. Need someone to take a look? The professionals at TrueSon Exteriors are both roof and attic experts. Call today for a free consultation!

What is the best way to ventilate an attic?

  • The attic ventilation system should always be balanced. Meaning, an equal amount of intake through vents positioned in the soffit/overhang, and exhaust output through vents installed at or near the roof’s peak. Balance allows cool, dry air to enter the attic at the lowest point, which helps remove any warm, moist air from inside the attic through the exhaust vents.

Who can fix poor attic ventilation?

  • Experiencing attic ventilation troubles? No worries, TrueSon Exteriors is here to help! Among other exterior home remodeling, we provide roofing and attic ventilation services in Columbia, Mo. Call us today for a free consultation!

Call TrueSon Exteriors for Premier Exterior Home Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

What’s the cure for ice dams and damp ceilings? Attic vents! Call TrueSon Exteriors to install high quality attic vents and repair roof damage. TrueSon Exteriors is the expert in exterior home remodeling in Columbia, Mo. Give us a call today!

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