Why You Should Compare Your Bid

Shopping Windows & Doors Can be Tricky–We Can Help

Let’s talk about windows, and why it might be beneficial to avoid the pressure tactics we’ve been seeing in our market lately. By pressure tactics, we mean the window companies that are spamming your mail with various coupons, fliers, and mailers jockeying for your attention. Their hope is that you will see that advertisement and you’ll schedule an appointment for them to come to your space. Once they enter your home, the goal is to stay until you sign a contract. They might occupy your space for a few hours as they slowly “sweeten the deal” and offer you a buy-one-get-one deal, or a sizable percentage off your purchase. This can obviously be effective especially if you don’t have time to educate yourself on this subject. We are here to help.

Be Cautious With the New Guy in Town

Every few years, we see a trend of manufacturers sending sales reps to certain regions for a period of time. Their goal is to sell as many windows in the area as they can. They don’t always stick around. It could be that these manufacturers believe our area is worth setting up a permanent shop. It could be that they’ll leave once they feel like they have sold everything they can sell. The truth is, we just don’t know. We’re not here to disparage the product they are selling; however, we want to discourage you from jumping into a deal without looking at your options.

We’ve received a lot of phone calls lately on this specific subject matter. We’ve even had a customer tell us they just signed a contract to get a sales rep out of their home. Luckily, we were fortunate enough to have a few solid customers share their experiences and window quotes with us. What we found was astonishing and that’s why it’s important to compare your bid. We found that even with a “heavily discounted deal” from a window manufacturer, TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors is still coming in close or even under those quotes.

TrueSon is a Pella Platinum Elite Certified Contractor

Our craftsmanship/labor warranty is what sets TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors apart from most of our competition. It means we stand behind the work we do. This warranty is on top of an already solid manufacturer’s warranty. That means if you have us install your new windows and there is a factory defect with the product, we’ll help you get your product replaced or fixed and we will cover the labor to do so for up to five years from your installation date. Some window manufacturers will only cover the product warranty, so if something goes wrong, you could still be on the hook for the cost of labor to fix the issue, and that can add up fast.

You might have the impression that a window manufacturer probably has the very best installation crews to put your windows or doors in. The comparison we would like to point out is that many of our competitors sub out their work while TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors utilize in-house production teams. This helps us control our quality with your install. In fact, we utilize a bonus structure with our production teams that place value on not having any call-backs. In other words, we are trained to do it right the first time. We are a Pella Certified Platinum Elite contractor, meaning we are in the top 1% of sales worldwide and we have years of window and door installation experience to show for it.

Whole Home Remodeling With TrueSon

One thing that sets us apart from our window and door competition is that we can do everything. We are a whole-home remodeling company. If your project turns into more than just windows and doors, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in roofing, siding, windows, doors, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, additions and remodeling. We have a wealth of experienced project specialists and production team leaders that have your investment in mind–we are more than windows and doors.

TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors is a Pillar in the Community

We are locally owned and operated. That means, if you do have an issue, you don’t have to search for a contact that might be out of state to come fix your issue. We are a phone call away. Your business also means a lot to us. We care about the communities we serve because we live here too. TrueSon can boast over 12+ years of business with a stellar reputation for being the best, and that’s not by accident. Our communities trust us to conduct business the right way. You can count on TrueSon to bring you the best quality, but in those rare instances where we might make a mistake, you should also rest easy knowing we have a reputation for fixing things and making things right for our customers.

If you want more information on replacing your windows or doors, reach out for a reliable assessment so that you can make educated investments into your home.

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