Which Siding is Right for Your Home?

Today’s siding is offered in a variety of materials, styles, colors, and finishes to help your home stand out and fit your personal style. However wonderful the advancements in technology are, they can make the decision that much more difficult when choosing a style. From vinyl and cedar lap to manufactured wood and cement in every color imaginable, it can be a daunting task to determine which is best for your home. It’s a big commitment and one that should be thought out.

Types of Siding and Their Benefits

Our team at TrueSon Exteriors is dedicated to helping you through the entire process, so we broke down the benefits of each. Whether you’re replacing your siding as part of a renovation or storm repair, or are building the home of your dreams, here is some information to aid you in the process.


Vinyl siding is a very popular because of its affordability and versatility in both style and function. Today’s vinyl can be customized to fit any look and outfitted with insulation to withstand nearly any element. Although there are new products being introduced each year, this is still a very popular option for cost-sensitive customers.

We feel confident there is a style out there to meet your expectations. If you’re working under a tight budget and trying to achieve a specific look, vinyl would be an ideal product for your home.

Engineered Wood

Similar to vinyl, engineered wood is a cost-effective way to side your home while achieving the look you desire. Specifically designed to mirror the look of natural wood, siding from LP SmartSide comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your aesthetic.

Engineered wood is a material that prioritizes style and value, as it is manufactured to look like wood but outlast the natural product by years. Though it can be considered more expensive compared to other options, it truly is an investment in the look and value of your home and offers the best warranty.


Most similar to LP SmartSide is our Fiber-Cement siding manufactured by James Hardie. Fiber-cement siding is designed to give its homeowners superior quality and durability. As you pay a little more for the initial price, manufacturers like James Hardie provide a product created to withstand elements like extreme weather or fire. Fiber-cement siding is designed to protect your home far beyond other styles.

The longevity of the product is without peer, and will provide you with peace of mind and design. This is an ideal material for any homeowner who holds those aspects paramount.

Regardless of the style you choose, our team is dedicated to delivering a result you will love. For more information about the products listed above, or our other services, feel free to contact us today!

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