TrueSon: Voted Best Home Remodeling

Sawdust and Sweat - Photo by Jeff Blumer

2022 is off to a BLAZING start! And while the Home Remodeling and Construction industry has been fortunate enough to continue to grow, we are certainly seeing our day-to-day operations evolve rapidly. What does that mean? We’ve had to adapt and change to accommodate the many challenges we face as a locally owned Whole-Home Remodeling company. Here’s a peek behind the curtain of our business.

Materials and finding skilled labor continue to be the biggest factors in our increasing lead times. Across the world, supply chains have experienced a variety of hiccups. As is such, material availability is constantly fluctuating. And while increasing lead times might sound scary, this truth is not unique to TrueSon. One thing we’ve always done, is put an emphasis on hiring the right people and we are always looking to add to our team! Our production team leads are the best and most experienced in the business and they foster our younger team members while teaching quality by example. We will never cut corners or lose focus on craftsmanship to shorten wait times or speed through our job board. Our outstanding leadership on each production team will continue to set a superior standard by mentoring.

We are getting more creative to find help by talking to a Technical College in hopes to build a solid pipeline. Ranken Technical College will soon be breaking ground on a facility near Southern Boone, Ashland. We’ve started building a solid relationship with their board members and I am excited to see the opportunities ahead for a mutually beneficial relationship. This will be an ongoing dialogue, but one we are most excited about. Tech schools like Ranken and their success is paramount for the success of future trades in our area. We believe in their mission and we want to be a landing spot for their top-tier students.

Identifying and continuing to come up with solutions for the changing landscape might sound like a daunting task, but it’s one our team is equipped to handle. We want our customers to know that we are using these challenges to build a better business. We are still the same “Best of Columbia” business you voted for and a whole lot more. When you book your project with TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors, you are booking a company you can trust. A company that will be open and honest with communication from the first handshake to the completion and final walk-through of your dream project. There’s a reason over 50% of our new business comes from the recommendations of our existing customers. Word of mouth speaks volumes in our town. We care about Columbia. We care about you.

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