TrueSon Exteriors Provides The Best High Value Bathroom Remodels in Columbia, Mo

Get the Best High Value Bathroom Remodeling in Columbia, Mo with TrueSon Exteriors

When it comes to home remodeling, it is important to choose the areas you want to renovate wisely. It is best to select areas of your home to improve that get a lot of traffic and provide high value to your family and potential buyers in the future. Often, this includes the kitchen or master bedroom. Among the other high value areas in your home are bathrooms! Due to their high use and customizability, they are a great investment when remodeling your home. Whether you want to create a luxurious master bathroom experience or add a half-bath to your finished basement, bathroom remodeling is a great investment for your home.

When choosing a construction company for any home remodel, it’s imperative to find someone you trust. When it comes to bathroom remodeling contractors Columbia, Mo, it doesn’t get better than TrueSon Exteriors. We understand how invasive home improvement jobs can be, so we complete our work with efficiency and quality, so you can get back to enjoying your home. With almost a decade of experience in home remodeling and exterior finishes, you can’t go wrong with the experts at TrueSon. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to their craft, meaning you’ll be left with impeccable results to last years to come. Interested in beginning a remodeling project? Give us a call today !

Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Most Popular Remodels for Resale

Many homeowners decide to invest in a bathroom remodel to help boost their home’s resale value, even if they don’t plan to sell for a while. This is ideal, so you can enjoy your home for the remaining time you’re living in it, and simultaneously get great resale value out of the space. Alongside kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations are a popular choice when remodeling for resale value due to their high usage. Remodeling existing bathrooms, such as the master, or adding one to a finished basement offers higher resale value than keeping the original floor plan.

However, when completing any home improvement project, it’s important to consider the ratio of improvements to the overall value of the home. Essentially, this means you shouldn’t be spending any more than about 3 percent of your home’s overall value on remodeling costs. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to put 10k into a bathroom remodel in a 200k home, because the remodeling costs are 5 percent of the home’s overall value as a whole.

Ideal bathroom remodels include vanity updates like jack and jill sinks, or larger countertops. Many old homes have a small sink space, which just isn’t conducive to a relaxing space to get ready in the morning. In addition to sink space, storage also provides great resale value. Consider installing cabinetry or a linen closet. When it comes to finishes and appliances, new flooring and spacious showers and tubs go a long way. Even better? Consider making the finishes and dimensions in your bathroom accessibility friendly. This can be done by widening walkways and making showers and tubs wheelchair accessible.

Adding innovative technology into your remodel also provides resale value! Smart technology, like heated flooring, and energy efficient appliances are attractive to potential buyers, especially those with more preference towards sustainable homes. These tech features are valuable to many potential home buyers because they desire them, but often don’t want to take the time to install the appliance themselves. If the home comes outfitted with a water conserving shower and heated floors already installed, it holds much more resale value.

Remodel to Fit Your Lifestyle with TrueSon Exteriors Home Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

When it comes to your home, your unique lifestyle needs should be taken care of first. Whether this includes aesthetic preferences or increased accessibility, home remodeling can take your home from basic to brilliant. Here are some ideas for practical bathroom remodeling:

Aesthetic Details
Show your personal style through tile shape and color, mirror shape, and appliance finishes! Examples include:
Subway tile is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom remodels
Give a nod to the past with a retro faucet shape or baroque style mirror

Child Friendly Bathrooms
Elevate your home and make it more family friendly with child-friendly bathrooms.
Jack and Jill style bathroom to connect two rooms
Bathrooms attached to children’s rooms for ease

Accessible Bathrooms
Greater accessibility for aging parents or an aging homeowner (i.e. wheelchair lift, wheelchair accessible toilets, countertops, etc.)
Remodeling to provide accessibility for homeowners who use wheelchairs, or blind or deaf homeowners:
Wider walkways, height adjusted countertops, wheelchair accessible showers, etc.
Textured or non-slip flooring
Adjustable lighting for light sensitivity

Call TrueSon Exteriors Today to Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling in Columbia, Mo!

Interested in beginning a home remodeling or bathroom remodeling project? Look no further than TrueSon Exteriors. We specialize in all things home-improvement. From decks and siding to bathroom renovations and kitchen remodeling, we can do it all. Contact TrueSon Exteriors , the best in home remodeling in Columbia, Mo. Call today and get a free consultation today!

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