Top 10 Home Projects to Start During Missouri’s Fall

With the summer heat wrapping up and kids getting back to school, you can finally start knocking out the list of home improvement projects you created over the past couple of months. Whether it’s painting your front door, installing new windows & siding or extending your home with a porch, fall is the perfect time to invest in your home.

Improve Your Home & Increase Your Return On Investment With TrueSon Exteriors’ Fall Project Checklist

Home Remodeling and Improvement Ideas in Columbia, Mo

1. Extend Your Home With Outdoor Additions

If being outside is one of your favorite pastimes, add a screened-in porch or custom deck to your Columbia, Mo home this fall. Not only will a new porch or deck enhance your home’s property value, but your family will have a great space to relax all year round!

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

Prepare your roof for a Missouri winter by calling on the experts to inspect shingles and repair cracks. Investing time and money into your roof this fall can save you thousands of dollars in water damage later on. Call our experienced roofing contractors to ensure your home in Columbia, Mo is ready for any winter storm.

3. Replace and Repair Windows

Did you know replacing windows has a 50% to 80% return on investment for homes throughout mid-Missouri? Save money this winter by repairing and replacing poorly insulated windows. You will not only improve your home’s appearance with new windows, but also save money on your electric bill each month!

4. Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen

With families spending more time at home now more than ever, there is no better time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen! Whether you are looking to create a relaxing oasis in your master bath or a gathering place in the kitchen, dive into your renovations before winter hits. Let our remodeling contractors in Columbia, Mo bring your dream bathroom addition or kitchen remodel to life.

5. Prepare Your Home for Cooler Weather

With cooler weather right around the corner, ensure your home’s heating system is ready to go by testing your thermostat, uncovering air ducts, and changing your air filter. Have a chimney or fireplace? Now is a great time to clean out excess debris and ash.

Enhance Your Mid-Missouri Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall

Don’t have the time or budget to enhance your home with exterior additions or remodels? No worries, the following projects are great ways to increase your home’s value and curb appeal this fall.

6. Update Your Home’s Siding

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or installing energy-efficient siding, enhance your home’s appeal with expert siding installation in Columbia, Mo. No matter the size of your project, enhancing your siding can save you money and increase your home’s property value! If you are interested in high-quality, affordable siding in Columbia, Mo contact the experts at TrueSon Exteriors.

7. Renovate Your Front Door

Do you feel that your front door is outdated and in need of modernization? Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, window installation or new door design, renovating your front door has an 80% to 140% return on investment. You will be shocked at what a stunning front door can do to your home’s curb appeal!

8. Power Wash Decks, Siding, Garages and Driveways

Now that the summer heat has ceased, there are no more excuses as to why you shouldn’t power wash your deck, siding, garage and driveway! Wash away summer dust and dirt and watch your home’s exterior shine. With a 40% to 110% return on your investment, you’ll wish you cleaned earlier.

9. Clean Out Your Gutters

While it may seem mundane and unnecessary, clearing out your gutters this fall can prevent severe home damage in later months. With fall weather comes ample leaves that can clog gutters, waterways and more. Forbes reports a priceless return on investment for just 30 minutes of routine labor.

10. Winterize Your Lawn and Garden

Last but not least, prepare your home’s lawn and garden for the winter months. With Missouri’s unpredictable weather, you’ll want to ensure your plants are prepared for the first snow of the year!

Why You Should Choose TrueSon Exteriors for Your Fall Home Improvement Checklist in Columbia, Mo

The dedicated team at TrueSon Exteriors is here for your home improvement, exterior additions, and home remodeling projects in mid-Missouri. Dedicated to providing quality service, our team works with you to ensure your project fits within your budget and is done to the highest standard.

We are more than construction contractors and home designers in Columbia, Mo. Our team strives to build relationships and can ensure we are with you every step of the way. Whether it’s roofing, siding installation, front door designs or building one-of-a-kind additions, you can trust the experts at TrueSon Exteriors. Explore our recent projects to inspire your fall home project.

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