Tips For Reducing Your Heating Bill

At TrueSon Exteriors, we know how expensive it can be to heat your home when winter comes around. Columbia residents face harsh winters typical of the Midwest with freezing temperatures that fall below zero. For the sake of your wallet and the environment, we’ve uncovered several valuable ways to keep your home warm without over-exerting your heater.

Understanding Your Heating System

Monthly energy bills are hugely impacted by the type of heating system you have and the amount you use it. Coal fueled 81% of Missouri ‘s electricity generation in 2017, meaning that most Missourians use electric heaters for their residential and commercial properties. You are most likely a part of this majority if your home has heat flow and independent thermostats in different areas or rooms. Although electric heating systems can be inexpensive to buy and install, they’re extremely costly to use and maintain. With heating being the largest energy expense in most Missouri homes, it should be closely monitored in winter months to avoid skyrocketing bills.  A few simple revisions to your home and usage habits can optimize your electric heater’s output while supplementing it with natural heat sources.

How Can TrueSon Exteriors Help Lower Your Heating Bill ?

Building and maintaining strong and beautiful property structures is a TrueSon Exteriors specialty. Over the years, an important part of our construction process has been carefully securing a building’s entry points so that what’s outside doesn’t come inside without invitation. This includes cold air in the winter. Having updated windows, doors and walls that are properly sealed and insulated is foundational to a building’s capacity to stay warm despite cold weather. With the help of our experts at TrueSon Exteriors, your home can battle the winter and lower your heating bill at the same time.

Add Insulation

You wouldn’t want to sit in freezing temperatures without a winter jacket on, and neither does your house. Quality roof and siding insulation keeps your home warm the same way that a jacket does for your body. TrueSon Exteriors uses top-tier insulators that are scientifically proven to help maintain comfortable temperatures. In creating a stronger barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, insulation traps heat inside and prevents cold air from entering.

Strong, Sealed Doors

The same way that people enter and leave a building through doors, so does cold air in the winter. Although it may seem obvious, doors are often overlooked as a contributing factor to temperature disparities within the home. TrueSon Exteriors performs door installation services with acute precision. We guarantee that your door and frame are a perfect fit with no room for winter weather to sneak in. By carefully sealing each door, we prevent cold air draughts that come with being opened and closed. When it comes to withstanding adverse weather conditions, a door’s material is equally important to how its installed. Dense, natural materials like wood and steel are great candidates for battling winter. To keep your home looking great, we have a large variety to choose from.

Winterproof Your Roof

Like a warm winter hat sends heat down your body, so does an energy-efficient roof for your home. Your roof is a major defense mechanism for your home against cold and inclimate weather. With proper materials, insulation, and installation of your roof, your heating bill can be the lowest in the neighborhood. Lucky for you, TrueSon Exteriors offers Columbia’s best in each of these categories. Our insulators have high R-values , therefore increasing a roof’s ability to trap heat inside the home. We also give our customers the choice between several of premium roofing materials. If a low heating bill your priority, our asphalt and polymer-based composite roofs are energy efficient in any climate. You may also go with a darker colored roof that’ll attract UV rays and supply natural warmth.

Updated  Windows

Air is invisible, making it tough to uncover its source of entry from outside to inside. We typically think of windows as tools to control air flow within a building. However, a weak window seal or gaps at its edges are unfortunate pathways for cold winter air. TrueSon Exteriors leaves no room for this sort of intrusion. Our windows are custom-made by premium manufacturers in your choice of shape, size, color and material. They are then carefully inspected and installed by our highly trained professionals. In using Energy Star compliant windows that meet National recommendations for energy conservation , TrueSon Exteriors has saved mid-Missouri thousands of dollars in electricity.

Install a Skylight

In its simplicity, a skylight serves as a giant window for your ceiling and a direct way to utilize our favorite free heat source: the sun. Targeting UV rays is a great way to keep your space warm throughout the day. As with any home addition, ensuring proper installation is vital. Construction specialists at TrueSon Exteriors strategically install skylights to optimize the sun as a heat source, using premium glass that slopes to face north. Not only will a skylight help to lower your heating costs , but it will reduce the need for other energy-consuming light sources.

Helpful Hints For a Warm Winter Home:

  • Make the switch to a programmable thermostat
  • Open window shades with direct sunlight during the day
  • Set thermostat to lower temperatures when at work or on vacation
  • Invest in a space heater or a fireplace
  • Turn on fans to circulate warm air from your heater
  • Keep windows and doors closed as often as possible
  • Lots of blankets and hot cocoa!

Get a Free Estimate at TrueSon Exteriors
Contact us today for a free estimate on any of our services and enjoy winter from the warmth of your updated home. A small investment now could lower your heating bill for years to come. It’s only a matter of time before your winterproof doors or windows pay for themselves!

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