Preventing Home Damage

TrueSon Exterior’s Top Tips for Preventing Home Damage

While most homeowner policies have you covered for weather-related damages, the safest way to avoid home damages this winter is to make sure your exterior is up to date and protected. Check out our list of precautionary steps to ensure your home is safe this winter:

Check your roof.
Snow or ice can cause a roof to collapse due to heavy weight. If your roof needs repairs or hasn’t been inspected in a few years, now is the time to mark these tasks off your checklist. Preventative roof maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in home damages. Our TrueSon Exteriors roofing professionals install asphalt, steel, concrete, composite roofing and more. Plus, we can patch up any problems before the winter storms hit.

Trim or cut trees in the yard.
Falling trees or branches cannot be anticipated, but general yard maintenance can prevent major damage or eliminate an accident altogether. Have your trees trimmed or remove dead, leaning branches in order to avoid excess materials falling onto your roof. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars in home damages and repairs.

Avoid frozen pipes.
Protect your home from frozen pipes by making sure your heating system is working properly and pipes running close to the exterior of your home are insulated. If you’re leaving your home for an extended time, set the thermostat to 65 degrees to avoid freezing your pipes. Leaving your heat at a warm temperature could save you lots of money and avoid a major problem!

Limit water damage.
Ice gets trapped along the edge of your roof and heat from inside your home may melt it, leading the water to seep inside your home’s walls. To avoid water damage, have your gutters cleaned regularly—especially at the beginning of winter—so water does not accumulate inside and freeze over. A roof rake is also helpful in removing snow or ice from your roof throughout the winter months.

At TrueSon Exteriors, we work hard to make sure homeowners can stay safe during any season. For any questions about preventing your home from winter damages, call us today at 573-442-7292.

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