Nailing Down Your Roofing Problems

Common Roofing Problems and What to Do About Them

Our phones ring for many different reasons, but we get a lot of calls in particular about loose shingles. Just as your doctor would educate you prior to a procedure, we like to educate you about the work we will be doing to your home.

Whether your shingles are consistently blowing off or you have an entire section of shingles sliding off the roof, over time we’ve learned one thing:

People don’t know much about roofing. And that’s why we’re here.

It’s important to understand that shingles overlap each other. Typically, the overlapping strip is where the shingles are nailed together—this part of the shingle is called the “nailing strip.”

The nailing strip strengthens the shingles and if the nail doesn’t land in the right place, it causes those shingles to be loose…which leads to them blowing away or sliding out of place.

For the most part, shingles are nailed down correctly, but there are a few different reasons why they might not be fastened right.

Air Pressure

First of all, there could be an issue with the air pressure in the nail gun. The pressure from the gun can either be too little and cause the nail to be under-driven, which can become loose over time, or the pressure might be too much and cause the nail to be over-driven. Sometimes over-driven nails go all the way through the shingles and no longer hold anything down—they’ve simply caused a hole in the shingle.

Credit: Owens Corning

Angled Nails

Second, the nail could be shot at an angle. The angle causes the nail to act like a sharp edge, and with time and heat on the top of your roof, the nail will become exposed and the shingle can become loose and allow water underneath it, which will cause leaks over time.

Missing the Strip

The last reason for loose shingles may be because the nail missed the nailing strip completely and isn’t holding on to one of the shingles. All three of these can lead to a lot of roof issues, including leaks, erosion, and slide.

What We Use

Here at TrueSon, we use Certainteed Landmark and Owens Corning shingles. Both types have simple literature, they’re better for installing in hot environments, and they typically carry the best warranties. Both types of shingles have the necessary nailing strips to properly install your new roof and we are always more than happy to fix any roof issues you may have.

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