Maintain an Outdoor Kitchen In The Winter with TrueSon Exteriors – Home Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

Your outdoor kitchen is a prime location to gather during the warmer months. However, grilling poolside, drinks at dusk, and dinners al fresco all come to an end when winter arrives. With colder temperatures and winter weather, you’ll need to take some extra precautions to protect your outdoor kitchen through the entirety of the season. With TrueSon Exteriors’ home remodeling in Columbia, Mo , you can build and maintain the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. To learn how to protect your outdoor kitchen this winter, continue reading!

Winterize Your Outdoor Kitchen with this Checklist and TrueSon Exteriors – Outdoor Kitchen Builders Columbia, Mo

Shut off & drain water lines

  • Shut off all the water lines connecting outdoor kitchens to indoor plumbing. As you’re draining your water lines, don’t forget the lines to the refrigerator, sinks, and ice makers. Neglecting this step could damage the lines and cost you in repairs to both the water lines and all appliances.

Reposition drain valves for winter

  • It’s important to leave your drain valves open all winter long to protect the lines from freezing water! If you don’t, you risk freezing the lines and causing costly damage.

Clean sink

  • After draining the water line to the sink, fully open the hot and cold taps. Thoroughly clean the sink and then cover it securely to keep ice and snow from scratching the finish and entering the drain.

Take care of grill

  • Scrub and season! Start with a degreaser, and then follow with a stainless steel polish. Use a metal brush to scrub hard to reach areas. Be sure to clean the grates and empty the grill’s cleanout. Season your cooking surfaces by wiping vegetable oil on both sides of the cooking grates. Reposition the grates and heat the grill to about 500-degrees Fahrenheit, and close the hood. Allow the grill to season the cooking grates for about 20 minutes. The cooking surfaces will be brown or black when they’re ready. Keep the hood vent closed, and turn off the gas line if you aren’t planning on using the grill at all during the winter.

Winterize cabinets and storage

  • Your process for protecting your cabinetry this winter will depend on what type of cabinets you have in your outdoor kitchen. If you have stainless steel cabinets, coat them with a fresh layer of stainless steel polish. Cabinets made from wood need to be oiled or sealed to protect them from winter’s harsh temperature and moisture changes. Don’t forget to remove any food from your cabinets and take it inside.

Refrigerator & ice maker

  • Switch off the power to the refrigerator and unplug it. Remove all food items from the refrigerator and clean all compartment with mild soap and water. Remove the front grill and vacuum underneath it to remove loose dirt and debris. After you’ve cleaned underneath the refrigerator, put the front grill back on. Don’t cover the refrigerator for the winter because moisture can accumulate under the cover and damage it.

Prepare fire pit

  • Remove any debris, ash, and wood that has accumulated. If your fire runs on gas, make sure to turn off the gas line. It is also smart to cover the fire pit with a weather resistant cover to keep out snow, leaves, and animals.

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Have questions about outdoor kitchen building? Not to worry, the exterior remodeling experts at TrueSon Exteriors are here to help! We offer home remodeling in Columbia, Mo , and we want to help bring your outdoor kitchen vision to life! Give us a call today.

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