Home Winterization: 5 Essential Steps for Winter Siding Preparation in Missouri

Seasonal transitions can feel very abrupt in mid-Missouri. One day it feels like summer, and the next it’s brisk enough to put on a parka. It's already started snowing this season, so it's crucial to start winterizing your home if you haven't already.

Your house’s exterior is the first layer of defense against snow, ice, sleet and bitter cold. Don’t overlook properly winterizing your Missouri home. It’s important for it to be in good enough shape to withstand winter weather and keep your family warm.

One way you can winterize your home’s exterior is by taking care of your siding. TrueSon Exteriors’ siding contractors in Columbia, MO are here to help you spot potential problems with your siding and complete any home exterior maintenance you may need.

How to Prepare Your Siding for a Mid-Missouri Winter

5 Tips for Home Exterior Maintenance From TrueSon Exteriors

1. Thoroughly clean your home's siding

It’s likely your siding accumulated dirt and other built-up debris over the course of spring, summer and early fall. During winter months, melting snow and ice create growing conditions for mildew, mold and other unpleasant problems. Get ahead of these issues by scrubbing your siding clean both before and after winter. Cleaning your home’s siding may seem unnecessary before snow hits, but it’s something you should do as seasons change to reduce the chances of costly damage. A deep clean won’t just keep your home’s exterior in good condition, it’ll also boost your home’s beauty ahead of hosting guests for the holidays. Double win!

2. Check for siding damage

Thoroughly inspect siding by looking for anything out of the ordinary. Cracks, holes, or areas where siding is pulling away from your home are all signs of damage needing attention before the brisk winter months. Not only does this damage cause moisture buildup and rot during wet, snowy months, but it can also lead to worse insulation performance and higher energy bills. Ask the siding contractors at TrueSon Exteriors about insulated vinyl siding and how it can reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the seasons.

3. Repair damaged siding

Once you’ve spotted signs of damage in your siding, it’s time to get your problems fixed. This may involve siding crack repair with caulk or siding replacement, depending on the extent of the damage and the age of your siding. Contact our professional siding contractors in Columbia, MO to inspect your home’s exterior and determine whether you need siding replacement. We’ll provide you with a free consultation and ensure your home has durable, high-quality siding to get you through the changing seasons for years to come.

4. Clean your home's gutters

Leftover fall leaves clogged in your gutters can cause grimy water to leak down your siding. Not only is this an eyesore, but it can contribute to moisture damage and improper drainage of precipitation. Make sure your gutters stay clean to prevent mold, mildew, foundation damage and other structural issues.

5. Trim overhanging vegetation

Another way you can prevent moisture from accumulating on your siding is by clearing nearby debris and plants. Overgrown trees branches or plants can not only break and fall onto your home during storms, but they can also drip melting snow and ice onto your siding, causing moisture damage.

Need a Siding Replacement for Your Columbia, MO Home? TrueSon Exteriors Can Help!

The professionals at TrueSon have been installing siding in mid-Missouri for over a decade.

If you’re worried about your siding’s performance during winter months or have spotted extensive damage, it may be time for new siding. TrueSon Exteriors’ siding contractors in Columbia, MO have extensive experience in siding installation. We can install different types of modern siding, including vinyl siding, one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Vinyl siding is low-maintenance, affordable, beautiful, and even can be insulated! Contact our team of exterior contractors to discuss any questions you may have and install siding built to withstand diverse weather.

Other Ways to Winterize Your Mid-Missouri Home's Exterior

Cleaning and inspecting your siding is just one way you can perform home exterior maintenance. Missouri homeowners should also be aware of necessary roofing and window repairs ahead of winter months.

Leaky roofs can cause major moisture damage and heating and cooling issues, no matter what season it is. Similarly, outdated or poorly-insulated windows can cause chilly drafts and increased energy bills. The team at TrueSon Exteriors will inspect your home’s entire exterior and provide the right roofing and window replacement solutions for your home. As you begin your home winterization efforts, contact our team with any questions or help with your home’s exterior!

Need help winterizing your home? TrueSon’s exterior contractors in Columbia, MO can help with siding, roofing, windows and more. Call 573-442-7292 today!

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