Hi! I'm Jeff, the New In-House Marketing & Design Guy.

About the New Guy...

Here is an interesting tidbit. The moment I publish this first blog will be the moment my new co-workers at TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors, Columbia MO learn that I know nothing about the world of construction. It is equal parts horrifying and cathartic. Horrifying because I am dropping my guard for a flurry of haymaker punchlines around the coffee maker tomorrow morning. Cathartic, because I have always hated the phrase “fake it until you make it”.

Photo Credit: Karl Bussen | Bussen Productions

So how did I get here? And why in the world am I writing a blog about the construction industry?

There’s probably a really complex answer to this question, but I am going to go with the straightforward answer. I am here because I asked for this opportunity with TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors, Columbia MO. And if you’ve read our blog in the past, I imagine this is going to be a pretty big change in the reading experience you are accustomed to. I’ll expound on this further down the blog, but here’s a quick introduction.

My name is Jeff. I’ve lived in Columbia, Missouri almost my entire life. I briefly explored the underbelly of Warrensburg, Missouri where I spent more time studying Rock n’ Roll and Metal Music than the graphic design degree I was supposed to be chasing. Some of my choices were not conducive to a traditional path, but that chapter presented an opportunity to reinvent myself. And that path ultimately brought me back home to Columbia. If I had to pinpoint specifics, I cut my teeth on marketing while playing in a band.

I played in a couple of terrible bands with great intentions (and apparently a fan base that enjoyed their ears being bludgeoned by out of tune singing and guitars). Eventually I landed in a great band with a ton of potential. If you build enough of a local following, I think the show promoters in town get sick of seeing you do things the wrong way. I learned an exponential amount about business, marketing and selling tickets playing in that band from those promoters and talent buyers. With a hustle harder than anyone else attitude, I’ve managed to play with some of my favorite bands and national acts throughout the Midwest. I’ve even had our songs on the radio in several different states, and have slept in the most unique nooks and crannies because we persuaded a local into letting us crash at their spot for the night. It’s all about marketing.

Chances are you didn’t click on this to read about the local music scene. That’s not what Barry is paying me to do.

“Write a construction blog from your perspective. Maybe it will make sense to folks, like you, that don’t know much about what we do? Maybe if you write it, it won’t be so freakin’ boring!” - Barry

So, Barry wants me to approach this blog like he approaches his business. With an authenticity you aren’t going to get elsewhere. When I first met Barry, our sons were playing basketball together. I learned quickly that Barry is as real as it gets. I gravitate towards people like Barry for this reason. You can’t script his personality. Have you heard his radio ads? They’ve tried to hand him scripts, but that’s not what he is about. Barry has built up a brand that people trust by doing things his way. In his mind, the only way he could convey his message from a marketing standpoint was to bring someone in to learn his culture. That is why I am here.

Note: Along with the blog experience, you might also notice a difference in the marketing content in general. I will be putting my photography/ videography and design stamp on all marketing facets, moving forward.

I’m not an experienced blog writer but I’ve written hundreds of songs. It was never my intention to write a song for the radio. I can appreciate music of all types, but if it doesn’t resonate with me, I can’t perform it. Moving forward, this blog is going to be a little bit different. I’m going to be diving head-first into the world of construction and specifically, what separates TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors, Columbia MO from the rest. I won’t be out on the job site building stuff, because Barry is smart and has a very high expectation of the quality TrueSon Exteriors | Interiors provides. But I bet I’ll be studying the builderspace.com glossary of terms to play “Construction Term or Band Name?”. I promise to try and avoid writing a blog filled with the type of technical jargon that could cure insomnia. If I find a topic that resonates with me, maybe you will come along for the ride and Subscribe? If I can give this blog a unique perspective as a customer that knows nothing about siding, shingles, or how long a job is supposed to take: maybe I’ve done some good in this world?

Cantilevered Void – Construction Term or Band Name?

The actual meaning: Foundation void material used in unusually expansive soils conditions. This void is “trapezoid” shaped and has vertical sides of 6” and 4” respectively.

Verdict: Sounds like a great Goth Band name to me.

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Let’s have some fun and learn some things together along the way! Reach out to our marketing guy: jeff@truesonexteriors.com.