Get to Know Original TrueSon Employee Kara Parrish

Get to know original TrueSon employee Kara Parrish as she celebrates 10 years on our team.

Kara Parrish recently celebrated 10 years with the TrueSon team. She has been with us since the beginning, and we have her to thank for much of our success.

This place wouldn’t be the same without her. She brings determination and grit to everything she does. There’s a creative side to her that is fresh and inspiring. Kara keeps us on our toes, and she’s someone you want in your corner.

Get to know Kara as we recognize her incredible commitment and loyalty to the TrueSon family.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am married and have a 15-year old son–he’s a really sweet kid. I am an animal lover and have a Doxin and Boxers. I grew up in Mexico, Missouri, and have five siblings. I now live in Columbia and work in Ashland for TrueSon.

How did you get connected to TrueSon 10 years ago?

It all started when my husband reached out to Barry. He knew him through mutual friends, and after one conversation, Barry hired me right on the spot. He really needed the help, and I was ready to step in. When I started, I was working in Barry’s home office. Timesheets were on paper and proposals were handwritten. We had one work truck, and now we have 17. At first, it was supposed to be a part time gig, but within one week it turned into a full-time job. Barry started to build his own house and there was a shop on the property, so I then started working out of that while the new house was built. I am one of the original TrueSon employees and 10 years have flown by.

What is your role at TrueSon?

My tasks and duties are all over the place. They are constantly changing and something often gets put on my plate that I have never done before. I am responsible for accounting and HR, and am also known as the Office Mom. I like to stay busy and work hard to set company expectations with sub-contractors early on so there are no surprises. Every day, I try to teach the crew to treat everyone with respect.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I love to bake. Cupcakes, homemade pretzels (which everyone says are better than the mall pretzels), and banana bread are my favorites. I also love to quilt and paint.

Without Kara, TrueSon wouldn’t be the well-oiled machine that it is today. She makes our operations more efficient and our team more lively. Here’s to the next 10 years, Kara.

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