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Looking to expand your home but not sure where to start? Think about a sunroom home addition . If you love the outdoors but don’t always love what comes along with it: heat, bugs, allergens, etc, consider an all-season sunroom. TrueSon Exteriors is Columbia, Missouri’s premier exterior home remodeler. From roofing and siding to home additions and more, the highly skilled technicians at TrueSon Exteriors are proficient in high quality exterior renovation services. To learn more about our exterior remodeling services or sunroom home additions , contact us.

Different Types of Sunrooms

There are four different types of sunrooms: screened-in porches, solariums, three season rooms and four season rooms. Each type has its own pros and cons, and has a different overall look. Screened-in porches are your standard porches with a roofed ceiling and a fine screen encasing the perimeter. Solariums are glass rooms with windows on both sides and the ceiling. Three and four season rooms are pretty similar, with the main difference being that a three season room isn’t suited for winter use and a four season room is. This is because a four season room is built to retain air conditioning and heat more effectively.

Ten Reasons to Build a Sunroom or Screened-In Porch

There are many benefits to building a sunroom home addition. Sunrooms are home additions that provide natural light and access to the outdoors without being subjected to stifling summer heat or freezing winter temperatures. Additionally, it provides an aesthetically-pleasing escape right at home.

Higher resale value

  • In terms of property value, a sunroom or screened-in porch will definitely set your home apart. Building a sunroom home addition is a great investment – you can enjoy it as long as you live in your home, and when you choose to sell, buyers will see it as an asset to the home.

Potential reduction of energy bill

  • Sunrooms provide a ton of natural light, eliminating the need to keep all of your home’s lights on during the day. This is especially true for sunrooms that come off of a kitchen space. With a sunroom, there’s hardly a need to have lights on during the day.

Enjoy/increase natural light

  • While you save on your electricity bill, you can also enjoy the ambience of natural light filling your home. Good for your wallet, good for the soul.

More space

  • Adding onto your home provides more space for you and your family. It’s a great homework station for the kids, your afternoon coffee reading nook, or napping spot.

Make it a hobby space

  • Have a hobby but don’t have a space to enjoy it? Screened-in porches are a great place to read, sketch, write, knit, or binge the latest release on your favorite streaming service.

At-home indulgence/escape

  • Sunrooms are great investments not only because of their resale value, but also because they offer an at-home escape. Extravagant vacations aren’t always in the cards financially, but you can soak up some sun and decompress after a long day in your sunroom home addition. Natural sunlight and the sounds of the outdoors are sure to calm you after a stressful day.

Plant heaven

  • Got a green thumb? A sunroom is the perfect environment for plants. They’ll love the balmy, sun-soaked environment, and maintenance will be easy since the room is connected to your home. Many sunrooms are off of a kitchen space, which makes watering extra easy. Plants like Golden Pothos, Snake Plants, Dieffenbachia, succulents, and varieties of aloe all thrive in this kind of environment.

Mood booster + reduce anxiety & depression

  • Natural sunlight and exposure to the outdoors are proven mood boosters and can even help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. If you are finding yourself in need of a space to decompress and lift your mood, consider building a sunroom.

Physical health benefits

  • Along with reducing stress, sunrooms can provide other health benefits such as access to vitamin D. This can also help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. It’s also great if you suffer from allergies or asthma, as the screens reduce exposure to airborne allergens.

New space to entertain

  • If you love entertaining, consider building a sunroom! It’s the perfect space for a small gathering. Have a girls’ night and drink wine or install a TV to watch the big game.

Sunroom Home Addition: Is It Worth The Time and Money?

You may be asking whether a sunroom home addition is worth the time and financial investment. The experts at TrueSon Exteriors want to help you make the best choice for you, so that’s why we offer free consultations before starting any project. We want you to love the results, and that starts with honest communication at the beginning. We’ll help you plan the home addition that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget. Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors year round, which is important in Missouri, where we experience all four seasons. Additionally, sunrooms provide an escape from the stress of daily life right from the comfort of your own home – who doesn’t want that?

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Trueson Exteriors are your local experts in exterior home remodeling in Columbia, Mo. We are dedicated to serving Columbia and the central Missouri area with high quality, long-lasting home remodels that provide you and your family with a luxurious, comfortable space. Have questions about sunroom home additions or home additions in general?

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