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Building a deck is a great way to expand your home and add an outdoor space to relax, entertain, and create memories. You’ll also increase the resale value of your home! When considering deck styles, materials, and shapes, it’s important to consider what you want aesthetically and what works with your budget. In this blog, we’ll go over different decking materials and styles, and pros and cons of each. Have more questions? Give the experts at TrueSon Exteriors a call to start planning your dream deck today!

Choosing The Best Deck Material and Deck Style For Your Home

So you’ve decided to invest in building a deck. Great! But first, you’ll have to make a few crucial decisions, such as the material you’ll use. Wood decking is the most popular choice for homeowners, but synthetic plank decking and composite decking are gaining popularity due to their low maintenance. Go over the pros and cons so you can make the best choice for you and your family!

Additionally, it’s helpful to ask yourself some questions to guide your selection. What will the function of the deck be? Entertaining? Relaxing? Will it surround a pool? Who will be using the deck? Will young children be running around? These kinds of questions can help steer you in the direction of the material you should choose! Now, onto the pros and cons of each deck material:

Wood Decking
The most popular material choice in decking is wood. It is relatively inexpensive, looks natural (because it is!), and has an authentic look and feel. With regular care, cedar decks can last 25 to 40 years. If you do choose wood as your decking material, be prepared for the care and upkeep it requires to keep it looking great. Lack of maintenance will shorten a wood deck’s life greatly.

Synthetic Decking
Synthetic decking has gained popularity, as it is weather resistant and requires little to no maintenance. Additionally, there are a variety of styles and colors available in synthetic. However, synthetic has a less authentic look and costs 3-5 times more than wood. But, if longevity is more important to you than a realistic look, go for synthetic decking. Side note – if you have little ones, synthetic decking is a great choice: no splinters!

Composite Decking
For the best of both worlds, go with composite decking. Composite decking is a blend of wood and plastic. The plastic and wood are often recycled, making it the greenest option. Its longevity keeps it out of landfills longer as well. As far as care and maintenance, composite decking is right in between wood and synthetic, since it features both materials. It is generally impermeable, so it is weather and moisture resistant. This also makes for low maintenance and longevity. Composite decking is ideal for a deck surrounding a pool because it is less slippery than synthetic, but is less susceptible to rot due to moisture like wood.

Wood and Composite Deck Styling and Making Your New Deck Your Own With Outdoor Furniture and Plants

Regardless of the material you choose, you’ll have options when it comes to colors and styles. It’s best to go with something neutral and timeless, that way you can brighten it up with outdoor furniture and plants! A great way to keep your new outdoor space fresh and exciting is by alternating outdoor furniture and accessories, like colored pillows, table decor, plants, etc. A deck is also a great space for a raised bed garden. It’s an easy way to take up a new hobby or teach the kiddos about gardening. If you’re a grill master, your new deck just became your new grilling haven. You’ll easily be able to cook and entertain simultaneously and comfortably. Perhaps you’re looking to put a deck around your pool. Composite decking is great as it is less susceptible to wood rot due to moisture. Plus, you can get an anti-slip finish to prevent falls on a wet deck surface.

A deck is a great investment for your home, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors and entertaining. Additionally, when it comes time to sell your home, a deck adds immense resale value. For all of your decking needs, choose TrueSon Exteriors! Give us a call today.

Deck Styles and Choosing The One That Is Best For You

The most exciting part of the deck building process is choosing the color, style, and other aesthetic details! When choosing deck color, style, and level, consider your home. Take into consideration the color of your home’s exterior, the amount of backyard space you have, and whether or not you have the option of a raised deck.

Decking materials come in a variety of colors and textures. When choosing, consider the color of your home. It’s best to choose something that accents or coordinates with your home’s exterior. If you have white or cream colored siding, consider a mid-tone cedar to keep the classic, neutral vibe going.

Deck styles come in a variety of shapes, and can be customized based on your home. Consider the activities you’ll use the deck for when choosing a shape. If it will surround a pool, chances are you’ll want to go for something longer that follows the length of the pool.

Decks can also be made into screened-in porches! You can screen in a section or all of your deck to provide a space where temperature can be controlled.

High Up Or Ground Level
When deciding the level of your deck, first look at your home. If you live in a one-story ranch, you’re only option is to do a ground level deck (which still looks great!). If you have multiple stories, you have more options. A two-story home with a pool might choose a ground level deck whereas a two-story pool sans pool might go for a raised deck.

Synthetic And Composite Decking VS. Wood Decking: How To Choose The Best Deck Material

When trying to decide between deck materials, consider your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Wood decks are great if you want an authentic, natural look, and have time to maintain it. Perhaps you’re building a home to retire in and you want to keep a garden on your new deck. With the extra time on your hands, maintaining your deck alongside your garden and other outdoor activities will be a breeze.

If you’re a busy family with children, consider going for synthetic or composite decking. This material is low maintenance and there’s a significantly reduced chance of splinters in the little ones’ bare feet. Additionally, both synthetic and composite are long lasting, making it the perfect decking material for a growing family’s home.

Call TrueSon Exteriors, Top Deck Builders in Columbia, Mo To Create Your Dream Deck!

Regardless of the kind of material you choose for your deck, it is a great investment for your home. Not only will you have more space to entertain and make memories, but you’ll also increase your home’s resale value if and when you sell your home. Have more questions about building a deck? Give the experts at TrueSon Exteriors a call today!

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