Deck Out Your Deck This Spring

After a long winter trapped indoors what’s better than dining el fresco and enjoying a meal on your back deck with family and friends? TrueSon Exteriors knows the value of an outdoor space, and that’s why we specialize in developing decks to suit your outdoor needs. Our professionals have many years designing custom decks that withstand the elements. That’s why Trueson Exteriors has a 5-year guarantee on decks.

Once you choose to pursue a deck with TrueSon Exteriors your first choice to make is whether you’d like a wood or synthetic deck. Both options have multiple advantages, and we are willing to help you choose which will best suit your needs. Once your deck is built you are able to spruce up the space and make it an inviting spot for you to enjoy throughout spring and summer. Check out these suggestions that could help make your deck an outdoor oasis!

Design and Decor Tips for an Awesome Deck

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a great way to fill up your deck space in a natural way. Tables, chairs, and large umbrellas are essential pieces for enjoying a meal outdoors under some shade. Target always has several options at an affordable price. Wayfair is another great option.


Succulent plants are incredibly popular right now. These tiny potted plants make for great accessories to brighten up your outdoor space. They don’t require a lot of attention, and their tininess adds to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Check out Home Depot or World Market for a variety of sweet succulents to adorn your deck with.

String Lights

A lot of bars and restaurants with outdoor patios use string lights to illuminate the space. String these lights over your patio furniture, or hang them around the arches of your deck. They brighten up and outdoor space, and they encourage you to keep the party going well after dark. Lowes and Urban Outfitters host a variety of unique outdoor string lighting in shapes like circles, stars, and even cacti.

Tiki Bar

Give your deck a tropical vibe by adding a tiki bar. If you’re someone who loves to have company over in the summer why not give the space a place to make and enjoy summer cocktails? Temporary tiki bars are sold at Party City. These are pop ups that can be easily moved or disposed of at any time. Wayfair has a variety of tiki bars available in several different types of wood if you’re interested in keeping the party going all summer long.

Outdoor Speakers

Sometimes all an outdoor summer BBQ needs is a little bit of music. Outdoor speakers offer the perfect way to listen to music as you cook, eat, and relax. Most speakers enable Bluetooth so that you can change the music with your phone. Bose and Best Buy offer a ton of great options at various price points. Some of these speakers can withstand the elements, too so that you don’t have to worry about taking them inside during summer storms.

TrueSon Exteriors is Columbia’s Favorite Deck Designing Company

All this deck décor inspiration have you wanting a deck? Give us a call today! TrueSon Exteriors knows that decks can be the perfect summer party hub. Whether it’s a barbecue, pool party, or just a day outdoors sunbathing in a comfortable chair, decks provide the ideal space to spend those special summer days. We are very competitive when it comes to the pricing of your deck, and we often outbid our competitors. Call TrueSon Exteriors today to get your custom deck ready just in time for patio season!

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