Choosing New Home Windows- Where to Begin?


Windows may seem like a minimal feature within your home. However, they play a vital role in the design and aesthetics of you home as well as impacting the climate of your home. Throughout this post we will take a look at the various considerations and features of windows in order to lead you to that perfect fit for you and your home.

A Close Look at Window Functions

Your windows have several roles in the overall function of your house. To begin, windows help protect your home against harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rains or hail. It is important you consider your location and weather averages when deciding on window types. Natural light is another factor to think about. The size and treatment of your window will determine how much light will flood into each room when you install new windows. The amount of sunshine hitting your window will impact the climate within your home as the heat rays will permeate through the glass. This is an important feature for those wanting a more energy-conscious decision to cut down on heating and cooling bills. A sometimes forgotten characteristic of windows is how well they insulate sound and contain it within the walls of a home. This is all directly correlated to the thickness and insulation surrounding the new window installation. This would be another instance to consider your home location as is it may directly affect your decision depending on how close you are to noisy cities or neighbors. Finally, consider the security provided by your windows: how they open and close, the lock system, and glass thickness are all factors you want to think about.

Window Features

There are 4 things we are going to break down in this next section: frame, glass, design and installation.

Window Frames

The material you choose for your window frame can directly impact the above mentioned characteristics. Before making your decision, think about your home’s existing characteristics and how they would be impacted by each frame material.

  • Vinyl: An efficient choice budget wise, this material can be highly energy efficient when correctly installed. The downside of this option is it comes in limited colors and some people do not love the look of vinyl on the exterior of their homes.
  • Wood-clad: This option provides a perfect balance of a low maintenance material as well as a resistance to allowing outdoor temperatures to effect indoor climates. However, this material is prone to water leakage and consequently, rotting and mildew problems on the interior side. Using a waterproof, rubber membrane around the cladding can help minimize the risk of water leakage.
  • Wood: Although this material requires more upkeep than most others, it provides excellent insulation for your home. Installing these in rainy and humid climates put this material at a higher risk for rotting. However, correctly installed and maintained, these windows have the ability to last a very long time.
  • Aluminum: This material in particular is practical, especially for rainy and other humid environments. In terms of how well it controls heat transfer into the home however, they are not a top contender.
  • Composite: For a frame made from recycled wood shavings and plastics, consider a composite material. This eco-friendly choice is low maintenance and mimics the look of wood.

Window Glass

Choosing your glass type will directly correlate with security, heat transfer, privacy and weather protection. Here are some of the most common options to help narrow down your decision.

  • Multiple panes (double or triple pane): This option is energy efficient as it will help to reduce condensation, limit cold air and heat from entering your home, and overall promotes a more climate controlled environment.
  • Impact resistant glass: This is a great option for maximum security and protection. This glass contains an extra, interior layer of thick glass to prevent damage.
  • Reflective or Obscure glass: Reflective glass allows you to look out your window but prevents others from looking in. Obscure glass creates a frosted or blurred look to your window which also serves as a privacy benefit.

Window Design

The design element of your windows will impact the overall look of your home. You want to make sure to have style continuity throughout your home’s interior and exterior. Consider the following options for window design and how they would impact the style of your home.

  • Picture Window: The name of this window says it all- a large window that overlooks a space or scenic view. The purpose of this window is more to admire the view rather than create air flow. For this reason, these windows are not installed to open or close.
  • Casement Window: These are your more traditional windows, opened and closed with a crank. They can be installed to open right, left or upward depending on your preferences.
  • Slider Window: A slider window will slide over another window in order to open. Operating on a track system, this window allows you to easily open close your window.
  • Bay Window: If you are looking to create the illusion of more space in your house, this is a great choice. A bay window will open up outward, protruding the exterior farther out.

Professional Window Installation in Mid-Missouri by Trueson Exteriors

If you are looking to install replacement windows, Trueson Exteriors has you covered. With our many years of doing home construction, we have the necessary knowledge and experience under our belt to provide you with the best service possible. Our services are non-invasive to your home or daily schedule. If you want high quality window installation that will last for many years to come, visit Trueson Exteriors!

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