Building the Perfect Summer

In Missouri, the warmer months are some of our best. The seemingly endless winter makes us more prepared than ever to welcome the more temperate seasons. From gatherings with friends and family to afternoons spent relaxing, a great way to spend this time is utilizing your outdoor living space.

Benefits of Adding a Screened-in Porch to Your Home

If you’re looking to build the perfect summer, a screened patio may be your solution. With its many benefits and simple aesthetic, it adds value, enjoyment and luxury to your backyard. If you’re on the fence about adding a screened in porch to your home this spring, here are some of their many benefits:

Additional Space

A screened porch, commonly referred to as a three-season porch, has the ability to increase your home’s livable square footage during some of the most enjoyable months of the year. By adding a roof, screen or windows around your existing deck or patio, you can make your deck more equipped for comfort and entertainment. Incorporating your existing lifestyle with the outdoors can give your family the best of both worlds.

Building upon this, the cost of a screened porch is minuet in comparison to a general home addition. With more bang for your buck and design versatility, a more habitable porch can easily become the centerpiece for your summer.

Climate Control

By adding a roof, screen or windows around your existing deck or patio, you are able to have better control over your space’s climate. Missouri summers are some of the best but we all know they can sometimes get too warm or humid. With a roof or ceiling fan over your patio, you’ll be able to relax comfortably without the adverse temperatures.

With that, a screened in surround ensures pests or debris are left out of your valued space. What better way to spend your summer than without the nuisances of mosquitos and other insects?

Added Beauty

While looking at the utilitarian value of a screened porch is important, the curb appeal they provide is another facet of the argument. As with any form of exterior renovation or addition, the materials and products used are virtually limitless. This includes composite decking, wood decking, aluminum handrails, lights, and ceiling fans in a variety of colors, finishes, and warranties.

A screened porch not only can fit with your home’s aesthetic, but also can make it the focal point of the neighborhood.

Increased Value

Screened porches have many benefits, so it comes as no surprise that their addition can add value to your home. From increased square footage to heightened curb appeal, your new porch will be working for you for years to come. So as you look at it as an investment in your summer, you can also view it as an investment in your home’s resale value. At TrueSon exteriors, our team devotes their time to creating and crafting the ideal space for you and your family. Whether you plan on adding a roof over your deck for shade or adding screens and windows we can help you bring your dreamed screened-in porch to life. Explore our website to learn more about our services today!

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