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In this project, our team seamlessly replaced an older deck, while maintaining its unique double stair design. The homeowners wanted a sustainable and visually appealing solution that complemented the breathtaking view of the golf course and the results speak for themselves.

Instead of opting for composite decking, the homeowners chose cedar decking. Cedar decking, known for its natural beauty, provides a timeless wood look that cannot be replicated by composite materials. Cedar requires no harsh treatments, and this decision aligned with the homeowners' commitment to sustainable living. With proper care, cedar decking can maintain its shine and luster for years.

The project was completed with an Edge custom railing, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. TrueSon's attention to detail ensured that the railing seamlessly integrated with the overall design, creating a cohesive and polished look. Our dedication to meeting the homeowners' specific requirements resulted in a deck replacement that not only maintained the integrity of the original design but also exceeded their expectations in terms of aesthetics and sustainability.

At Trueson, we take pride in transforming spaces, and this project is a great example of high-quality deck design and construction. Our team had the pleasure of working with a returning customer whose existing deck simply did not match the grandeur of their home and the picturesque backdrop of their park-like backyard.

The first phase of the project involved the removal of the existing deck, to allow for a significant expansion. Recognizing the need for a low-maintenance solution, we built the deck with composite decking, ensuring durability and aesthetics that will stand the test of time.

The stairway received a makeover with a widened design, creating a more inviting entrance to the expansive deck. To elevate safety and aesthetics simultaneously, we installed custom powder-coated deck railings, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring durability against the elements.

Understanding the desire for a versatile outdoor space, we incorporated an innovative under deck system. This addition not only keeps the area beneath the deck dry but also transforms it into a livable space throughout various seasons. To enhance both functionality and ambiance, we integrated lighting and a ceiling fan, providing a comfortable retreat regardless of the weather.

Our commitment to holistic design led us to create a new radius edge concrete pad under the deck. With a broom finish and border, spanning approximately 14'x14', this addition complements the overall aesthetic while providing a functional and stylish space beneath the deck.

Now these homeowners have a stunning, functional expanded deck that serves as a seamless extension of their living space.

Our team transformed a dated and tired facade into a European countryside-inspired beauty right in the heart of Columbia. When the family moved in, the need for a new roof was evident. A desire to enhance the stone work, modify the exterior color, and revamp the front porch added to the renovation wishlist. The homeowners collaborated with Anne Tuckley to create a serene and earthy color palette for the home’s exterior design. TrueSon then stepped in to assist with the envisioned transformation. Bringing the refined rustic charm of a distant setting to a city residence, this renovation includes features like new shingles and metal roofing, a complete stone makeover for the entire front facade, and select siding enhancements. The project also integrated decorative stamped concrete work, a redesigned sidewalk, custom garage doors, and a renovated front porch overhang. Key elements like the Douglas Fir woodwork and trim add to the sophisticated charm of the house.

Check out our social for some incredible before and after photos.

This home had a screened-in porch that was detached from the living room, and due to its exposure to the outdoors, became a space that was often hot, dusty, and notably dark. This made it an area of their home that was rarely used. They wanted to take their screened-in porch and transform it into a usable space. To make this happen, our team capitalized on the porch's existing footprint, morphing it from an underused exterior space into a functional living area that could double as an office. To bring more natural light into the space, we installed elegant windows, which not only illuminated the space but also provided a scenic view to the outdoors. By incorporating both heating and cooling solutions, we ensured that this area seamlessly merged with the home's existing environment–making the room comfortable for year-round use. We built and installed custom trim and bookcases to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, and while the necessity for vinyl flooring arose due to its direct access to the outdoors and deck, careful selection meant it harmoniously matched the rest of the home's wood flooring. Now, this is a serene space that the family can enjoy all year long.

Our economy is showing signs of change, and while we aren’t economists, we are seeing a noticeable decline in new construction permits. Unfortunately, we have seen this before. New construction is not as viable as we watch interest rates gradually climb. More and more homeowners are shifting their attention to remodeling. History tells us when new construction starts to dry up, we will see those high-volume new build construction companies start flooding the remodeling market.

Home Remodeling Contractors Vs. New Construction Builders - What to Avoid

New build construction companies and the remodeling companies have some very obvious commonalities on the surface. We build stuff. Take a deeper look and we are not all that similar in how we approach business. That is not to say that remodeling companies are better than new build construction companies or vice versa, but we operate with different philosophies.  

High volume new build construction companies generally work exclusively with sub-contractors. Drywallers, framers, flooring crews and all of the other various trades are subbed out and those contractors are providing a service at the lowest possible price because of the volume they do. Lumber, drywall mud, paint, grout even down to the last screw is accounted for. The goal is to get every trade to work as fast as possible so you can churn out new builds as quickly as possible. There isn’t as strong an emphasis on repeat customers. It is an ‘on to the next one’ mantra. There is marginal room for error in material, and the labor is lightning fast because time is money. One gigantic factor that should not be ignored is that new build construction can work fast because a homeowner doesn’t occupy the space during a build. They don’t have to account for dust or mud getting everywhere. This automatically makes the new build process different from the remodel process.

On the home remodeling contractor side of things, we have a different philosophy. It starts with a customer-first approach. 99% of the customers we work with live in the space we are remodeling. We are committed to protecting your belongings and keeping the space clean and healthy while we are remodeling a house. We understand the inconvenience of having workers in your home. We understand how messy a job site can get so we go to extra lengths to contain our mess and we clean each day before we leave the job site. Most importantly, we take our time to make sure we do your remodel the right way so there’s no call-backs. The only call-back we want is when you’re ready to book your next project with TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors.

New build construction companies are not equipped for remodeling. I know that reads like a bold statement, but it is generally true. Those companies aren’t customer focused enough to provide the type of service a remodeling company like TrueSon can provide. Unlike most new construction companies that utilize a project manager who schedules sub-contractors, we have an employee on site almost daily who monitors quality as the project is being done. This eliminates major issues on the final punch list walk-through. Another major difference is TrueSon backs the work we do with a 5-year labor warranty where most new builds are only covered for a year. 

So, if you’re looking to do something smart with your money and you want to invest it back into your home, think about who you want working in your space. Remodeling price and speed often come at a cost. TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors has been a staple in our community – voted best Home Remodeling Company three years in a row. When you’re ready to start your remodel project, get in touch

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