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Meet the team at trueson

Barry Roewe

Born and raised in Ashland, MO, Barry has lived in Boone County his entire life. After graduating high school in 1995 from Southern Boone County High school he attended the University of Missouri where he earned bachelors in Psychology. Face to face interaction and building relationships with people have always been one of Barry’s favorite things to do. In 2010 Barry and his wife Jana started TrueSon Exteriors LLC. From there he hit the ground running and building relationships was the first priority in order to start a solid foundation for the business. In 2015 Barry expanded his business into the Interiors and Additions Market to become a Full-Service Construction Company. Barry and Jana have 2 children, Mason and Josey. In their spare time the Roewe family enjoys, sports, all things Mizzou, boating and spending time with family and friends. Using high integrity, honesty, quality and great customer service Barry plans to continue to grow and expand TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors into the future.

Gary Tegerdine

General Manager

Kara Parrish

Office Manager, A/R, A/P, HR

Jeff Blumer

Marketing & Design Specialist

Chad Adkins

Production Supervisor

Nevada Shelkey

Exteriors Project Specialist

Tyler Kallenbach

Interiors Project Specialist

David Bail

Exteriors Project Specialist

Josh Dubert

Exteriors Project Specialist

John Gillig

Exteriors Project Specialist

Matt Curtis

Exteriors Project Specialist

Chris Sivret

Project Manager

Stacey Fitzpatrick

Interiors Design Coordinator

The trueson team timeline

The Start of Trueson Exteriors & Interiors

Barry Roewe, owner of TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors was at a pivotal moment. Continue down the path of working for someone else, or take the biggest risk of his career. And while Barry is not the type to shy away from a challenge, starting a new business was not an easy choice. He saw the industry from the perspective of a successful salesperson, but he knew he could offer more. And while building those initial relationships with people might be one of the more difficult parts of starting a business, this was an area Barry was most comfortable. In 2010, Barry and his wife Jana made the leap. This was the start of TrueSon Exteriors & Interiors, though the original name was TrueSon Exteriors.

From "solopreneurship" to entrepreneurship

Barry spent 2010 – 2012 doing mostly everything on his own including hand writing proposals late into the evening with his newborn, Mason, laying beside him. Along with proposals, Barry was also scheduling each project and being very hands-on from start to finish with each customer and sub-contractor. It wasn’t until 2012 that Barry had finally built his small business up to a level where he felt comfortable bringing someone on full time. Enter, Brian Davis, TrueSon’s first official employee. Brian was the Installer piece of the puzzle that elevated TrueSon’s business model from all sub-contracted work to some in house production. Together, Barry and Brian would continue offering that exceptional level of customer service that customers were accustomed to, but they could also control the quality of the service provided through Brian’s exceptional craftsmanship.

The Trueson Family continues to expand

In 2013, Barry and Brian had built up enough of a customer base that it was time to hire someone to manage home-base. Kara Parish was hired to manage the accounting and clerical work and she did this from Barry’s personal home. She eventually upgraded her office to the shop outside of Barry’s home in the middle of rural Ashland, Missouri. 2014 saw the addition of Chris Sivert and Nevada Shelkey. Chris was hired to measure and order material, deliver materials to job sites and coordinate with sub-contractors. Nevada was TrueSon’s first sales team member. With Sivret and Shelkey, the company had grown to 11 employees including 7 crew members, 1 admin, 1 production team member, and 2 sales representatives, officially outgrowing Barry’s personal shop. The TrueSon family found a new home in a rented space on the South side of Columbia, Missouri.

growing into Interior Remodeling and Additions

In 2015, the company took another big leap when Barry recognized the local market was in need of a quality Interior Remodeling and Additions company. With that in mind, he connected with long-time friend, Tyler Kallenbach. Tyler grew up renovating his childhood home with his father and had been successfully running his own remodeling company. Barry and Tyler had a mutual respect for each other’s work ethic and attention to detail. TrueSon Exteriors was growing into a full-service construction company.

bringing on the best in the construction business

The TrueSon family would continue to expand over the next couple years. As the TrueSon brand and reputation grew, Barry recognized the need to continue bringing on the best in the business. The thought process of having in-house crews would allow Barry to control and elevate the quality-of-service TrueSon could provide. In 2017, TrueSon brought on Doug Strodtman. Doug headed up the first in-house Deck crew. In 2018 Barry hired his first in-house Siding crew headed by Johnny Bargas and Alex Tripaldi. Every TrueSon crew was hand-picked. Each crew was built of highly motivated individuals, with great character, and a passion for doing things the right way. One of Barry’s greatest successes has been his ability to hire the right people. With the increase in Production Teams and jobs covering the job board, Chad Adkins was brought on in 2020. Adkins’ ability to keep track of all the moving parts, scheduling jobs, and handling the crews immediately elevated productivity.

highlighting the trueson production teams

In 2021 TrueSon brought in Gary Tegerdine. Tegerdine made an instant impact from an accounting perspective, but he also brought a strong set of management skills into the fold. Tegerdine was quickly promoted to the General Manager role giving Barry someone on site to help manage the team and improve company-wide communications. 2021 also brought the addition of Jeff Blumer, an in-house Marketing & Design Specialist. Blumer has given the company and brand improved visibility, highlighting the talented TrueSon Production Teams with his photography and videography while also writing an entertaining blog and newsletter.

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